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I love Sam! We've been married for 8 years and as he always says "marriage is like wine it gets better over time". I started studying filmmaking in 2005. It still feels surreal that I have a job that is also my passion. I was born in Ireland. I don't have a very strong Irish accent. I love eating fruits and veggies. I don't take myself too seriously. I cry at anything remotely emotional. Music and dance help me unwind.

Wherever we are in the world, going outdoors and enjoying the beautiful scenery refreshes me. I love meeting people, old friends and making new friends. Getting to chat and hang out with our couples is definitely one of the best perks about what we do.

When I really think about what film is, I think it's insane! We can capture a moment or people and be able to relive that experience as many times as we like. That's pretty incredible!

I want to remember that life is short and to focus on what's matters the most.



I love Dani!!! We met while we were volunteers on board a ship. I guess you can say we found love on a boat! I grew up in Singapore, studied 2 years in Melbourne, and 2 years on a ship! I moved to Northern Ireland 8 years ago!

I'm a techie at heart and I love good aesthetics and design. I love a good laugh and serious talk at the same time! Climbing up easy paths on mountains to an awesome view, chasing sunsets, and enjoying the great outdoors. I also love Chinese food!

When we got married, I never knew how much of a crazy adventure me & Dani would have together. We have explored countries and places we dreamt of doing, meeting and treasuring some of the most amazing people around the world, and building a life that we love and want to share.


Sam and Dani are true treasures. The kindest, most genuine and down to earth people you will ever meet. My wife Patti first met Sam via Facetime and instantly knew we wanted to work with them. After their call, she couldn’t wait to tell me that we had found our cinematographers. They were not only a husband and wife duo that could do both photo and video, but that they were also super nice people and Sam had lived in Melbourne, in the same suburb we currently live in now. It must have been fate that we met.

Sam & Dani are true professionals, masters at their craft. They’re great listeners and have a knack at understanding our vision and bringing it to life. Their relaxed and gentle approach throughout our time in Greece made us feel comfortable and at ease, which allowed them to capture precious, quiet and candid moments. They are incredibly talented with an eye for beauty and artistry. We are over the moon with our photos and video!! We’ve watched it about 600x and have shown all our family and friends. Everyone is genuinely super impressed with the stunning cinematography (they’ve saved their details for when it’s their turn to get married!). We formed a genuine partnership and are so happy to have met them. We now call them forever friends.

- Patti & Lawson

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We fell in love with weddings 9 years ago because we saw how empowering telling stories of human connection, relationships and families remind us of who we are and what is important in life.

There’s something powerful about honesty and authenticity. For us there are no staged or weird poses. Sure we will give you some direction as you have never done this before. But the rest is up to you to create those moments together!

It doesn't matter if it's small and intimate weddings or elopements, big, grand and elegant weddings. We want to create intentional stories that mean something to you.