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errigal mountain, donegal, ireland

You cannot miss Errigal when you are in Donegal. Towering at 751m (2,464 ft) near Poison Glen, Gweedore. We climbed this insane steep mountain with a wedding dress! First, you have to go through deeper than your ankles bog, then charge up the steep hill and finally contend with a 30mph wind blowing in your face! The temperature was around 0 degrees celsius (32F) cold as well, as we waited for the storm clouds to pass.

Rapid changes to weather meant that we had to wrap up, wait and shoot when we can. Jess was an absolute champion as she wore only the wedding dress but we were quick to shoot. It was dark by the end of the hike but it was well worth it!

We love couples who don't mind getting their feet dirty and going for an adventure like this! Would you?


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