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Northern Ireland is fast becoming the top eloping destination in the world. From majestic castles to breathtaking cliffs, it sets the perfect stage for your intimate and unforgettable celebration of love.



This is a super top favourite for so many couples and we love it too! Perched majestically on a cliff's edge, dating as far back as 1513, this medieval castle ruins in Northern Ireland offer a captivating setting for an intimate and romantic elopement.

The best time to elope to Dunluce Castle in Northern Ireland largely depends on your preferences and the type of atmosphere you desire for your elopement. Weather is highly unpredictable here, you can have four seasons in one day!

Generally it gets warmer from mid-May until August and you get longer days in Summer (longest day is 10pm+). The average temperature in summer in Northern Ireland typically ranges from around 15 to 20 degrees Celsius (59 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit).

How much does it cost?

So the best place to get married and have your ceremony is actually in a private field overlooking Dunluce Castle. We work with the farmer to organise exclusive access & dates for you.

Fees start from £350 (USD$450) for a 2 hour slot (for couples & limited amount of guests). You will be brought down in a 4x4 so you don't have to walk to the location. It's about a 2 minute drive. If you have guests, you will enjoy a truly Irish farmer experience of being driven in a tractor-trailer!

what time is the best for ceremony?

It largely depends on the season and what time sunset is. We usually schedule according to what is the best for light at that time of the year. Roughly 2-4 hours before sunset. Sometimes there will be cloud cover or none at all! It's hard to predict but we try not to plan it too early in the day. For portraits usually 1-2 hours before sunset.

We'll work together to create a timeline that takes into account the incredible locations we'll visit, ensuring we capture breathtaking photos in the most magical light!

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a few more things!

Free Parking on site. Also the farmer has a little "waiting room" cottage that you or your guests can wait in before and after the ceremony (especially when it's cold!). A restroom is available as well!

dunseverick CASTLE

Where is the best place to have your ceremony?

An equally favourite place to elope to is this ancient castle ruin located just 10 mins away from Dunluce Castle & Giants Causeway. St Patrick is said to have visited it in 5th Century AD!

This beautiful location has some of the most variety and breathtaking scenery around. Most people love to have their ceremony on a mound here. It is generally quite sheltered from the wind which gives a sense of peace and tranquility as you exchange your vows.

how to get here

You park on a lay by or a nearby carpark and walk about 3-5 mins down to the spot. It can be quite a muddy descent in some spots especially on wet days or having rained before, but it's ultimately worth it! We recommend boots or good pair of grippy shoes!

many spots in one location!

Having said that, there are over 4 different spots to exchange your vows here. You can do so on the mound or down in the "valley" overlooking the castle, the coastal cliffside or by the stoney beach.

Some things to note & SHEEP!

There are no fees to pay here. There is ample parking but no restroom facilities. It might be particularly challenging if you or guest have limited mobility or find walking down steep slopes a challenge.

Also, sometimes sheep roam freely here! (depending on the farmer)

watch the beautiful film of chelsea & gabe's ceremony here

Giants Causeway

This iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site features unique basalt columns and stunning coastal scenery, making it a popular choice to go to as part your elopement day!

When is the best time to come here?

It is one of the most popular spots here in Northern Ireland. We tend to avoid the crowds and go after hours when its quieter. During June-Aug, there is usually a larger influx of tourist during most times.

down by the water & up on the cliffs

The Giants Causeway is quite vast! Down by the water, depending on the tide and season you can expect roaring waves and dramatic seas or tranquil calm!

There is an option to head to the nearest cliffside from the Visitor Center. It is about a 20 mins walk from there which offers a different vantage point!

adrianne and Mike's dramatic and misty elopement day

Kinbane Head & Castle

If you're searching for an extraordinary elopement location, Kinbane Castle is the hidden gem located along the windswept Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland. Walking along the cliff edges, soaking in the breathtaking views of the surrounding coastlines, and feeling the enchantment of this remarkable place.

When is the best time to come?

When it comes to choosing the best time to visit Kinbane, consider the seasons. Spring, summer, and autumn offer the most favorable weather for exploring and celebrating. Winter can be cold and windy, but the raw beauty of Kinbane Castle remains captivating throughout the year. Imagine exchanging vows with the castle as your backdrop, adding an air of enchantment to your elopement ceremony.

Let the cliffs and coastlines be witnesses to your love story!

How to get here!

To truly appreciate the beauty of Kinbane, you must experience it firsthand. Prepare yourself for an adventure as you descend the 140 steps from ample parking down to the castle. Keep in mind, though, that you'll need to climb those steps back up! There are also washroom facilities at the carpark!


Some know it as Kings Road (in Game of Thrones), others as the beautiful tree lane or just the Dark Hedges! This enchanting avenue of beech trees creates a fairytale-like atmosphere, making it a popular choice to come here to experience the trees!

When is the best time to come here?

This is an exceptionally busy spot for such a small road. We will help plan with you your elopement timeline to find the best time.

Watch cheylea & chris's enchanting elopement!


A popular local spot call's for a dreamy seaside escape. With its golden sands, crashing waves, and stunning white cliffs (hence the name!), it's a popular sunset spot!

Where to go! What's it like?

If you want to get into the water, this is the best place! Even during the summer the average temperature is 50 °F (10 °C)! It's cold but refreshing!

There is a little cliff top walk from the carpark (2 min walk) which overlooks the beach and cliffs!



Picture this: a breathtaking temple perched on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the wild waves of the Atlantic Ocean. This is Mussenden Temple, one of a kind in the world!

Downhill Beach is also accessibly down below the temple and during sunset it is quite a stunning place to be!

The Temple is managed and owned by National Trust. We can help put you in touch with the location managers if you would want to rent this amazing historical site for your intimate wedding or elopement.


Probably one of the most picturesque lay-by located in between Dunseverick Castle and Ballintoy Harbour. It makes a quick stop to capture this jaw-stopping view! From here you can even see one end of Giants Causeway!


This is a quite a popular spot with plenty of places to go from here. There is a secret beach, a small cave, harbour, costal paths and sometimes sheep! The rugged cliffs and picturesque landscapes have graced the pages of literary classics like George R.R. Martin's "Game of Thrones." (Iron Islands).

During the summer months it can get quite popular, and car parks can be full. So we recommend coming here closer to sunset. But if you are visiting, this is definitely a great stop off! Expect to spend at least an hour here!

During the Winter, Spring and Autumn months, it's a great place to come as the seas can be very dramatic and beautiful all at the same time!

Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge & LarryBane Quarry

Carrick-a-Rede located in Northern Ireland is one of the world's most unique destinations to get married in. It’s perfect for you if you aren't settled with cookie-cutter weddings. You will get to do things your way and have the adventure of a lifetime.

Perched 30 meters high above the crashing waves of the North Atlantic, Carrick-a-Rede is a breathtaking testament to nature's beauty. The iconic rope bridge 20 meters long, suspended between cliffs, beckons the adventurous souls to cross and discover the wonders that await. A visit to this enchanting spot is an experience that will leave you breathless.

It is about a 20 minute walk to get there and it is only open during certain times in a year.

This is an exclusive premium location. We will be able to coordinate and help you secure this location if you are looking to elope or have a small wedding here. Contact us to arrange.


Sam and Dani are true treasures. The kindest, most genuine and down to earth people you will ever meet. My wife Patti first met Sam via Facetime and instantly knew we wanted to work with them. After their call, she couldn’t wait to tell me that we had found our cinematographers. They were not only a husband and wife duo that could do both photo and video, but that they were also super nice people and Sam had lived in Melbourne, in the same suburb we currently live in now. It must have been fate that we met.

Sam & Dani are true professionals, masters at their craft. They’re great listeners and have a knack at understanding our vision and bringing it to life. Their relaxed and gentle approach throughout our time in Greece made us feel comfortable and at ease, which allowed them to capture precious, quiet and candid moments. They are incredibly talented with an eye for beauty and artistry. We are over the moon with our photos and video!! We’ve watched it about 600x and have shown all our family and friends. Everyone is genuinely super impressed with the stunning cinematography (they’ve saved their details for when it’s their turn to get married!). We formed a genuine partnership and are so happy to have met them. We now call them forever friends.

- Patti & Lawson

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